About Us


All about Random FM and where we started...

The Studio

Current Studio - 2020
Playout System

This is our Playout System -
Two touchscreen monitors allow the presenter
to interact easily with every song, jingle,
news segment & Advert you hear ONAIR.
We also deliver our Traffic & Weather in the studio.

Studio Phone

Studio Phone -
This is the studio
phone where we take
your calls & answer

Mixing Desk

Mixing Desk -
This is the Mixing Desk, the heart of the show,
all of our Microphones, Playout system, Jingles,
Phone Calls, CD's and anything else you hear live
On Air goes through the mixing desk and this is how
our presenters fade up their microphones and fade down
the music to enable them to talk over the track.


Microphone -
This is one of the Studio Microphones, this is how you hear
the presenters voice when they talk live On Air, we use
industry standard vocal effects by Aphex to ensure you hear
that all familiar radio voice.