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Police can now fine people repeatedly flouting restrictions up to £3,200 from Saturday.

Witnesses hear a sound like “a bomb going off” as flames shoot up into the air at Tilbury Port.

Gavin Collins is seen driving at high speed before he killed Terry Radford by reversing into him.

Sheffield City Council apologises for the “badly worded” tweet, which it has since deleted.

Stephen Bridgman died after an operation to remove a benign brain tumour in 2016.

Police in Leicester will be monitoring for non-essential travel as pubs open outside the city.

Arrivals to England from Germany and Italy will also no longer need to isolate, ministers confirm.

Greater Manchester’s mayor insists policing of the reopening of pubs will not be “heavy-handed”.

Leicester’s schools have closed to all but a small number of pupils just weeks after reopening.

Danyal Hussein is due to appear in court over the deaths of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry.